McArdle's Pub

Cheers, to the Neighborhood Pub

For more then 14 years, Jen and Larry Pickar have owned and operated one of Fleetwood’s favorite neighborhood Irish bars, McArdle’s Pub. “We’re probably one of the last neighborhood bars around,” Jen says. “We’re one of those places where, when you walk through the door, everyone knows your name. It sounds corny and cliché, but it’s true.”

The pub is named after Jen’s grandfather and is a family-friendly establishment.

“Everyone in this small community of Moselem and Fleetwood seems to know us and everyone here so they feel comfortable bringing in their kids for dinner. That’s an Irish thing,” Jen explains.

The pub is a cozy and comfortable place to hang out, with room for about 60. “The place was a total dive when we bought it back in 1996. My husband and I had to redo the whole place ourselves,” confesses Jen. She and Larry have done a great job making it feel like an authentic Irish pub. The ceiling is covered with ornate green tin tiles, while the mustard-colored walls are adorned with vintage beverage signs and intricate Celtic-patterned borders.


Bar food has a reputation…and not a good one. But the grub at McArdle’s gets rave reviews.

“We started with basic bar food and just put our own spin on it,” Jen says. Many of their dishes are modified classic sandwiches with fun names like the McPickle, McArdle’s take on a grilled chicken sandwich, or the McCracken, a roast beef sandwich. Their Irish Cheesesteak is one of their most popular sandwiches. As you can probably guess, it’s a classic cheesesteak made with corned beef instead of sliced sirloin. The fish and chips is another dish “people rave about” according to Jen. Customers also brag about McArdle’s “awesome sourdough bread that’s to die for!” on Yelp. They’re in the process of totally renovating their menu, which will be available to view on their Facebook page.


Like any good Irish pub worth its salt, McArdle’s is the place to be on St. Patty’s Day. “We don’t do green beer,” Jen proudly tells me. “We’ve been to Ireland several times and they don’t do green beer either.” It’s a gimmick usually reserved for the cheapest of beers. Instead, you can expect to find things like traditional Irish stew, homemade corned beef and cabbage, and a great beer and Irish whiskey selection.


As spring turns to summer, the Kutztown students at McArdle’s Pub are slowly replaced by the local golf crowd. Located among Rich Maiden Golf Course, Moselem Springs Golf Club and the Pleasant Hills golf course, McArdle’s is the perfect place to grab a beer and a bite to eat and shoot a game of pool after a long hot day on the links. The staff is notoriously friendly, the beer is plentiful and cold, and the food is famously fantastic. What a great way to spend a nice day.

McArdle's Pub 1634 Moselem Springs Rd., Hamburg | 610.944.9686

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