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The Get Inspired! Project – Juli Cleaver

Meet Bella Jules Boutique owner, Juli Cleaver. In business for 12 years, she wrote her plan for the store while a college student. See how she continues to find inspiration, here.

The Get Inspired! Project – Anthony Iezzi

Meet Anthony Iezzi. Inspiration helped him decided if he was going to be an accountant, or a photographer. Which won? And how? Read on or listen in to find out.

The Get Inspired! Project – Rebecca Ezolt

Meet Rebecca Ezolt, director of sales and marketing for Folino Estate and a new mom! What inspires her? A lot, but it’s how she uses that inspiration to act that’s most impressive, perhaps. Read more or listen in, here.

The Get Inspired! Project – Robyn Jones

If you know Berks County Living’s publisher, Robyn Jones, at all, you know she’s never short on inspiration! See where she gets her drive, who inspires her, and more by reading on or listening in, here.

The Get Inspired! Project – Linda Capozello

Meet Linda Capozello, the Director of Advancement and Communications for the Reading Public Library. Do you know what quiet courage is? Linda does. It’s what inspires her. Read how here.

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