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Diving into Summer Camp


Diving into Summer Camp

Ever since my now 10-year-old, soon to be fifth grader Riley could toddle around our home, I remember he developed a strong interest in two things that have not waned in their strength to this day: airplanes and sharks. The shark thing is ironic, being that Great White sharks are my number one irrational fear. (You’ll never, ever read a blog about me vacationing via cruise ship!) But I rolled with it, and still am to this day. I record Shark Week programs and Sharknado B films for his viewing pleasure and we visit every aquarium within driving distance – some multiples times. But I think his latest venture into the marine biology world, experienced right here in Berks, has been the coolest by far. The week of July 13 Riley took part in Science Explorers’...

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Reasonably-Priced Fashion for a Good Cause


Reasonably-Priced Fashion for a Good Cause

Fashions from local Goodwill stores took center stage at the 6th Annual Goodwill Runway Show this past Thursday, April 23 at the Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex. Goodwill, a nonprofit, aims to provide education, training and support for those with disabilities and economic hardships. Proceeds from the 41-plus Goodwill Stores and donation centers across Central and Southeast Pennsylvania provide programs and services to enrich community members’ lives. Each year, various local businesses generously donate their products and services to the runway show event. This year, guests nibbled on mouth-watering appetizers and drinks from local restaurants while browsing silent auction tables. Of course, though, the highlight of the night is the Re-Design Contest, followed by the...

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NYC Napping in a Pod


NYC Napping in a Pod

For adults – especially parents – relaxation time is paramount. I admit I frequently find myself daydreaming of a relaxing massage in times of parental – or non-parental – stress. Or at least 20 minutes of peace and quiet. The desire for a massage and quiet time, it’s a common bond that unites many of us, including my sister, Kelley and I. So I decided I’d gift her one for her birthday recently while on a trip to New York City. Even better, I got to throw in a bucket list item I wanted to try for both of us: some rest in a swanky NYC napping pod in Midtown’s YeloSpa. What is a napping pod you ask? It’s a cool table/chair type piece of furniture you lay in at a zero-gravity position in your own little room (YeloSpa calls them...

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Surviving Walker Stalker Con and Meeting Norman Reedus


Surviving Walker Stalker Con and Meeting Norman Reedus

It’s here! The Bucket List items are on the list and the first has been completed and scratched off, so I hereby bring you “The Bucket List Blog” for 2015! If you read the introductory installment, you know the first item of business was a trip to Walker Stalker Con New York/New Jersey (#WSCNYNJ) at the Meadowlands Exposition Center Dec. 13 & 14 of this past year. The main attraction? Meeting Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead. What’s all the hub-bub you ask if you don’t tune in? Well, I’m admittedly a big fan of Reedus and the show. Daryl is my favorite character [and it doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes]. I’ve enjoyed reading interviews Reedus has done and getting a glimpse into...

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Zombies, Crazed Fans and Famous People, Oh My!


Zombies, Crazed Fans and Famous People, Oh My!

Hello! And welcome to my Bucket List blog for 2015. I know it isn’t quite the New Year yet, but I wanted to give you all a head’s up as to what I’ll be up to this year. The inspiration for this blog comes from several places. First and foremost, I think it comes from being a mom. I’m constantly intrigued by the way my 9-year-old son Riley looks at the world with such awe and positivity. “I want to be a shark scientist!” “I’d love to meet Adam Levine!” Zombies? “They’re fun! The creepier the better! Why be scared?” Kids really have a different outlook on life, don’t they? As we age, unfortunately, we tend to become desensitized by the world around us and we don’t appreciate what we once found cool...

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