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Diving into Summer Camp

Diving into Summer Camp

Ever since my now 10-year-old, soon to be fifth grader Riley could toddle around our home, I remember he developed a strong interest in two things that have not waned in their strength to this day: airplanes and sharks.

The shark thing is ironic, being that Great White sharks are my number one irrational fear. (You’ll never, ever read a blog about me vacationing via cruise ship!) But I rolled with it, and still am to this day.

I record Shark Week programs and Sharknado B films for his viewing pleasure and we visit every aquarium within driving distance – some multiples times. But I think his latest venture into the marine biology world, experienced right here in Berks, has been the coolest by far.

The week of July 13 Riley took part in Science Explorers’ “Take a Dive” summer camp at Nolde Forest Environmental Educational Center. I’ve never seen the kid so excited to learn and have never received such a full report on what he did each day when I’ve picked him up from school, or a friend’s sleepover – ever.

Monday sealed the deal when he got to hold a real (albeit no longer alive) stingray. And I loved hearing how he loved learning about how back in the day, fishermen would put paint on a fish and print it on paper to prove to those not on their fishing excursions just how big their catches of the day were.

Of course the end of the week was the highlight – the big build up – dissection day. Campers who stayed for a full day got to dissect a squid and shark, to my son’s utter delight.

Needless to say, the marine and shark life interest is still there and growing strong. My hat is off to Science Explorers for creating a fun, education and different program for the kids to enjoy in their off-school months. Be sure to check out their website for more info on the different programs offered at

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